Find email lists, address, mining, scraping, excel data entry, and more


Ever wonder where to find email addresses for your business or startup? We can help! Our team of data scientists is knowledgeable in finding and harvesting any targeted email list building requests.

By using our freelancers to grow your email list, you then get to turn that email list into what we all want more of, and that's getting more sales!

Let our freelance data mining experts find and build you the specific, targeted email list that you are looking for and shorten the time it takes to increase your sales!

  • You will get:
  • Companies Data Research
  • Leads Generation
  • Email List
  • Email collection
  • Company Name
  • Company Website
  • Complete Address
  • Categories
  • ..and more

  • Low: $15
  • 50 leads

  • Medium: $75
  • 250 leads

  • High: $150
  • 500 leads

Overall rate


Total Sell


Time of delivery

7 Days