Setup secure connection SSL https certificate on your website


How To Install SSL Certificate In Cpanel

Let us set up your SSL Certificates! To ensure your website is safe, we’ll set up an SSL certificate for you.

This means that when customers visit through https://example-site/ they can be sure of a secure connection and won't have any problems submitting their credit card info or other personal information on the site without being worried about getting hacked in some way!

We'll also enable a green padlock icon next to "www" which shows how protected everything really is so there's less chance something goes wrong later down the line with traffic because all data will flow over these encrypted channels between server & browser - making everyone feel more comfortable while browsing online (even if it might sound like mumbo jumbo).

So, let the experts step up the security of your site by ensuring your SSL Certificate is up and running!

  • You will get
  • 100% https Secure Connection
  • Enable secured Green Padlock icon
  • Lifetime free active
  • Fast loading speed

  • Low: $10
  • Install and setup SSL ( If you already purchase from your hosting provider company )

  • Medium: $15
  • Get Lifetime free active ( If you didn't purchase from your hosting provider company )

  • High: $60
  • Fix errors
  • Fix image issue
  • Classic editor and other issues
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